Did you know you can wear vegetarian clothing? Plant based waste and dairy sundresses

Did you know you can wear vegetarian clothing? Plant based waste and dairy sundresses

The First Vegetarian Fashion Brand in the World, pioneered from London & Dubai.

Sustainable zero waste clothing made with discarded perishables

[London, UK]: Hybella in Dubai and London launches their new sustainable and ethical fashion brand under the creative designer’s name ‘Siama Qadar’. An innovative ethical fashion brand that has aligned itself with UN Sustainable Development Goals 2030 to reduce the impact of fast fashion in our world.  It boasts the fashion brand ambassador is the multi-talented Miss Ukraine 2019, that also modelled in Cannes 2022 and endorsed the dresses for the ecommerce boutique. In addition, debuted in fashion shows in Dubai, UAE.

The fabric composition was created with fashion guilt consciousness, health, and wellbeing in mind, for every woman to develop a guilt free harmony in the clothes they wear, to feel soft and beautiful inside and out.

The intention is to remove all guilt in buying clothes, being mindful and conscious, not only in what you eat but what you wear on your skin.

Have a purpose when buying clothes that has a direct pure healing effect on the body, mind and soul whilst having a clear conscious from the origins to the end, of being slow luxury fashion to eventually, being fully biodegradable, resulting in no harm to the environment.

The fabric is made from natural waste fibers that would otherwise, be thrown away and find their way into large toxic unwanted fast fashion landfills. These are not only eye sores but are determinantal to the environment that we now need to address imminently.

Siama Qadar (Founder and Creative Designer) for Hybella says,

“We feel the pain mother nature is going through, and inadvertently, we have guilt inside of us on the negative impact fast fashion has. This is now surfacing faster in society, evolving us to create alternative pure sustainable solutions”.

With this new innovative vegetarian fashion brand, say goodbye to huge 200-year landfills of unwanted clothes.  

One such fiber used is the lotus flower. Ordinarily, is for luxury use, for medicinal purposes and holds many beneficial wellness properties, ailment pains, headaches, heart, and asthma. These same wellness properties are in full abundance in the actual stem of the lotus. 

This stem (the waste by-product) is used to extract the filaments, to create the thread that is carefully handloomed by artisans. It’s soft and breathable, eco purity, an alternative to luscious silk and therefore, also the bonus of cruelty free, titling it vegan friendly.

Due to the very nature of the fabric composition, another is rose petals. By virtue of its natural composition, rose petals also have unique healing properties from uplifting mood, to reducing depression alleviation, reduced headaches, and body aliments. 


The fashion brand Siama Qadar has been working hard with global artisans to develop not only waste fabrics but also keeping this concept of waste in mind to zero waste dresses. No fabric is wasted in the making of the clothes. Precise measurements and pattern are cut by the pattern cutter artisan, with any cut fabric being used for haberdashery – neckline interface, pocket, or ribbon bows.  Delicate stitching to give it a exquisite look.


The signature collection of Siama Qadar includes sundresses, modest and free flowing, successfully launched in January 2020, Expo 2020 (Dubai) and was selected in the top 250 potential start up unicorns coming out of the UAE. 


The collection was aired on Dubai Studio Expo TV, as well as showcasing for the Indian Consular of Dubai. 


The signature collection is also very honored to be snapped up by Wolf and Badger, that has global multiple branches and ecommerce presences in UK and New York with over 3million customer traction per month. 


The collection includes the most desired ‘Pannira’ (meaning cheese lady) milk waste dress with zero waste concept, this gives it the ‘vegetarian label’, the brand is the first of its kind.


As a gesture of welcoming all new customers to explore the sustainable and ethical brand the CEO & Designer is offering complimentary to all the readers the preview chapters (17 in total) of her e-book titled, Ladies & Gentlemen. The Quintessential Book on Modern Etiquette.


Check out the link https://siamaqadar.com/products/ladies-gentlemen-ebook-preview-version


Siama Qadar says (Founder and Creative Designer) for Hybella says,


We wear clothing for our self-confidence, for communication and to feel beautiful inside and out. At the same time, we need to look after our land, sea, our ecosystem, our environment that we need to cherish and look after.  


We have therefore, artistically, and innovatively created for all mindful conscious ladies a sustainable guilt free, pure, trendy clothing, from wasted / excess plants, food, and dairy products to design zero waste clothing that retains its health wellness to enjoy, be healthy and nutritionally benefit from.  We use such plants like aloe vera leaves, rose petals, lotus stem, eucalyptus bark and many more.


This I believe is the future that is now, looking after our health and is the solution to fast fashion” 


The brand is ethical and sustainable, clothing is certified by GOTS, OKEO-TEX 100, Fair trade certified, Organic textiles, Forest for All, FSC, Soil Association. Artisanal hand made with care and love.


Even the product and wash care label inside the dresses have been carefully designed to promote sustainability, vegan fabric with no wastage.  


Features and benefits of the vegetarian fashion brand includes:

  • Soft and breathable, cruelty free, plant based and dairy artisanal handloom.
  • Zero waste from the textiles to the design concept
  • Promotes wellbeing, healing of the mind, heart, and soul.


The outfits in the first signature collection out now on global platform Wolf & Badger,

www.siamaqadar.com, Visit URL https://siamaqadar.com/. Instagram siamaqadar


The company is owned by Businesswoman and Humanitarian, Siama Qadar, Hybella FZ LLC, A British start up that is home grown in UAE, Dubai and has now expanded into London, UK. 


Future is to open concept stores in United Kingdom, UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, India, Malaysia, USA, Europe and Oman.


Hybella brand, home grown with the love in Dubai, and London, also sells conventional clothing, with a direct focus on sustainability, minimizing fabric wastage, by using deadstock fabric, and with fair trade practices.