Dont throw away your left over fabric please, deadstock. Lets say no to unwanted landfilsclothing .

Dont throw away your left over fabric please, deadstock. Lets say no to unwanted landfilsclothing .

The First Vegetarian Fashion Brand in the World,
pioneered from London & Dubai.
Strength to Strength with deadstock fabrics

[London, UK]: Hybella in Dubai and London launched their signature collection of guilt free fashion, clothing made from plant and food waste. 

The textiles are unique, soft, durable yet biodegradable, handloomed by artisans innovatively and retain their healing properties. This is changing the landscape of fast fashion, but at a gradual strength pace, a pace that should be accelerated for awareness throughout the industry.

The brand Siama Qadar under its parent company Hybella is going from ‘strength to strength’ with the signature collection breaking all records for winning sales.   This has accelerated the creative thinking of the brand to release further products at speedy rate. 

This month launches the new handcrafted artisanal disco sequin tube top.  An easy to wear, conscious free tup top to wear on denim jeans, to tailored trousers and even formal or casual shorts. 

Not stopping there, to match the demand and need for ethical women’s swimwear, the brand launches its first swim shorts that are made from deadstock fabrics, soft, comfortable, and stylish.  Can be worn for the pool, for the beach, cover ups and for formal beach parties. We even encourage to wear as a normal short, helps to prevent sweat marks and keeps sweating at bay.


Our popular is the disco love hearts swim shorts, funky, stylish, and the feel of love surrounds us.

A drawstring waist brand for added durability and wear when catching waves. Its super foldable, fits into any bag and the most amazing point is less to no creases, due to the high-class fabric composition. It has internal mesh in for the swimming days, designed in such a way, it’s a loose fit and breathable. Along in this are the botanical gardens flowers swim shorts, we love flowers and colour and believe flowers and colour can change our thinking for beautiful surroundings to come into our world.


The brand ploughs to follow the UN Sustainable Development Goals 2030 and advocates the major impact of fast fashion, to control and monitor and action now rather then later.  For zero waste, sustainable education, conferences, and summits to include fast fashion as a major indicator to change and reduce.



Siama Qadar (Founder and Creative Designer) for Hybella says,


“We are super excited to launch further items in the signature collection, tube tops and swim shorts.  We strive to create styles and designs that explore our customer base and happily invite new customer to try our brands with a new thinking, a new open world that is the future for the next generations”.

 The outfits in the first signature collection out now on global platform Wolf & Badger,, Visit URL Instagram siamaqadar


The company is owned by Businesswoman and Humanitarian, Dr. Siama Qadar, Hybella FZ LLC, A British start up that is home grown in UAE, Dubai with its base London, UK. 


Future is to open concept stores in United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, India, Malaysia, USA, Europe and Oman.

Hybella brand, home grown with the love in Dubai, and London, also sells conventional clothing, with a direct focus on sustainability, minimizing fabric wastage, by using deadstock fabric, and with fair trade practices.