• Ethical fashion, lotus, rose petal, artisan, sustainable, ladies clothing with natural dyeing process. Soft and breathable, anti bacterial clothing.

    Our Values That Make A Difference To The World

    How it all started, the story

    I was lucky to be on a breathitaking road trip when i came across road sides full of food waste just dumped on the road. As I carry on driving forward I was taken back by a huge old landfill of unwanted and old clothing that was being burnt thus, releasing toxins in to the atmosphere.

    Fast fashion contributes to 23% of harmful toxins being released into the environment THATS destroying our world.

    I carry on my road trip in shock horror when i pass an elderly lady collecting stems. I ask her what she was going to do with the broken snapped stems and she said " Do you see this tunic i am wearing? i am making this".

    This is when i graciously accepted to visit the lady at her home and we sat and handloomed incredible artisan fabric from discarded stems and food leaves all while preserving their natural beneficial properties.

    Biodegradable fabrics that is made from food, and dairy waste. We sat for hours and she taught me about the healing properties the fabrics had.

    I was now on a mission to create zero waste clothing from biodegradable waste that heals the world.

    Dr. Siama’s initiation all started from her passion and her love for all things beautiful - flowers, roses, pureness, gentleness, consciousness, nature, and animals.

    Its true when you think about beautiful things beautiful inspirations gravitas towards you. My road trip was just this - beautiful.


          “by introducing Siama Qadar 'Atelier', we want to present you with collections that help you heal, to express your style with grace and in an eco-friendly conscious way, all while making you feel the air inside of you swirling as if you are floating on a bed of flowers in a large field.”

  • Our Core Principles From The Heart

    We strongly believe in our 6 core conscious fashion values, namely:

    1) Artisanal crafthumanship that is fair trade and ethical.

    2) Plant based waste, vegan, fruit, dairy and cruelty free fine quality rich textiles, created carefully by artisans from around the world.

    3) Circular fashion, including pre-loved, repurposed, recycled, and deadstock.
    4) We love everything about our artisanal fabrics that why its our mission to innovately create Zero waste clothing that saves our guilt but also saves our planet. Eco-friendly conscious fashion and, ethical fashion.

    5) Guilt free fashion that supports and aligns its vision with UN Sustainable Development Goals 2030. Zero waste a total solution to fast fashion that heals the world.

    Less pollution, less toxins in the atmosphere, less landfils filled with our thrown away clothes. Food and plant landfils being used to craft luxury textiles.

    6) All our plant based waste and dairy clothing by virtue hold and preserve their healing properties, we want to heal the world by 'Vegetarian Fashion'.

    Say YES to ethical, biodegradable 'Vegetarian Fashion' by ZERO waste dressing.

    "We dont have to waste any fabric, we can make pockets, gathering, hair bands, ribbons, hem lines and much more, the beauty of conscious innovative fashion".

    Siama Qadar

    You can contact Dr Siama directly on siama@hybella.com.

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