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Siama Qadar

Eucalyptus fiber Zero Waste 1 pocket Dress with Natural Khadi lining.

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The all-season elegant light zero waste 1 pocket baby doll eucalyptus fiber zero waste dress with natural khadi lining.

Float as a princess in the enchanted forest.

The jacquard weave eucalyptus natural dress helps reduce symptoms of flu and fever boosts immune health, eases sore muscles and joint pain, alleviates headaches and combats stresses and promotes relaxation, and soothes the mind.

The internal khadi lining is soft and supple that keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter, and prevents any allergies, irritations, and hand-spun on a traditional charkha handloom by artisans. 

Model is 5ft 7inc and UK size XS, she wears medium size, for a baggy fit.

The model is size XS / UK 6,

She wears a size small / UK 10

Size chart 

UK Euro US  
6 34 2 XS
8 36 4 Small
10 38 6 Small
12 40 8 Medium
14 42 10 Medium
16 44 12 Large
18 46 14 Large