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Siama Qadar

Ladies & Gentlemen ebook (Full Version)

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In the critical impatient fast-paced world that we live in, character and mannerisms have been diluted and continue to diminish. Ladies & Gentlemen a self-help book is an effective quick guide to refine and ooze sophistication of your personality and character. Dr Siama Qadar shows you how to compassionately polish your grace, poise, and elegance.

 “When you feel beautiful inside and out, your self-esteem and confidence elevate and rise above any negativity to become the best version of yourself”.

The treasures of etiquette one will find in Ladies & Gentlemen, will allow you to instill what you have incorporated within your heart to cultivate and harness to influence society.  This subsequently, has flourished the educational vision of the Institute of Modern Etiquette and Hybella Academy in the middle east.